2020 Supplement Trends

2020 Supplement Trends
Each year, we see more (and more!) people turn to natural health products to help improve their overall health. In our nearly 30 years making supplements, we've seen a lot of trends come and go. So we asked our top experts to dish the trends worth following in the next decade.

Going with Your Gut

We expect 2020 to bring an even greater focus on gut health. "By now we all know the important role that the microbiome plays in supporting our overall health and wellbeing, the next step is to make sure we are giving these vital communities all the fuel they need to thrive," says Michael Loreto, Innovation and Product Development Associate. Diet and supplementation are key to supporting our gut health, plus a few "biotics" you may not have heard of yet. "Expect to see an even greater range of products hit the market that are designed to optimize this relationship with our microbes, featuring not only probiotics and but pre and even post biotics as well!!" he continues.

Beauty from the Inside, Out

There's more of an understanding that what we put in our bodies can help us stay youthful and age gracefully—food is medicine. "We're seeing a renewed interest in beauty—but with more of a focus on promoting natural beauty from within. In 2020, look for more superfood-driven beauty products to cultivate beauty from the inside out," says Ashley Meston, Vice President, Marketing & co-founder, basd body care. Natural beauty has always been a focus at the health food store level, but in 2020, expect to see more natural beauty products hit the shelves on a larger scale. "I think holistic beauty will continue to be a big trend in 2020. What I mean by that is women and men looking more at what they can do to support their beauty from the inside out," echoes Joy McCarthy, founder of Joyous Health.

It's Coming Up Collagen

In 2019, people were crazy for collagen and we see collagen's popularity continuing (and growing!) well beyond 2020. "The momentum of collagen will only grow as more people discover the benefits of this beautifying nutrient and how it can benefit the body as a natural health supplement. It's definitely a trend that is here to stay," says Joy McCarthy. In 2020, look for even more collagen products formulated with gut health, joint health and muscle recovery in mind—including foods and beverages made with collagen as a key ingredient.

But Make it Sustainable

All of these innovations are amazing, but the next decade demands a bigger commitment to sustainability than ever before. "The planet's resources are finite, and we need to ensure that we're respecting the planet when we choose ingredients and when we manufacture products," says Stewart Brown, Founder & CEO of Genuine Health. The health of the planet is something that can no longer be ignored, and we expect to see more organic, sustainably- and ethically-farmed products cropping up in the next decade. Look for lots more organic plant-based products hitting the shelves next year. And expect to see dairy and/or collagen products that are grass fed, sustainably- and ethically sourced as well. "We're all connected, and a product is only as good as it is for you and I as it is for the planet as a whole," continues Brown.
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