5 Ways to Support Your Immune System

5 Ways to Support Your Immune System

Fill in nutritional gaps

It should come as no surprise that good nutrition—a diet full of plenty of high quality, whole foods—is the foundation to good health. A colourful, whole foods-rich diet not only provides our bodies with vital vitamins and minerals that help fuel our immune system, but also helps to nourish our gut bacteria and help them thrive (more on this in a bit!). Where to start? Choose foods that make you feel good. What this means is ditching processed and sugary foods. Next? Eat lots (and lots) of fruits and vegetables in as many different colours as you can. And when you can’t, consider a superfood supplement to bolster your diet with powerful nutrients that can be hard to find.  

Love your gut

Yes, probiotics are very helpful for supporting digestion, but did you know that probiotics can help to support your immune system, too? That’s because up to 80% of your immune system’s cells and tissues can be found in your gut. Look for a shelf-stable probiotic formulated with multi-strains (which have been shown to be more effective than single strains). 

Ditch the sugar

“You might not be going around drinking two sugary drinks in a row, but even little bits of sugar here and there add up, and bam, you’ve got a chronically low performing immune system,” says holistic nutritionist Mandy King. In fact, a study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition gave participants two sugary drinks and then tracked their white blood cells’ (their immune system) performance. The participants’ immune system performance dropped 50% compared to the control group. Here are 7 ways to reduce your sugar intake. 

Stress less

Ever feel like you get sick whenever you’re stressed? Studies show that stress and immune function are linked, meaning when you’re stressed, you’re more prone to catching a cold. A couple of studies have made connections between university students, exam stress and low immunity. Here’s how: hormones like cortisol and adrenalin get secreted when your body is stressed, then these hormones can suppress the immune system. There are also some theories about how the gut, brain and immune system are linked. A couple of research-backed ways to reduce stress include mindfulness and meditation, some daily time for self-reflection, socializing, and getting outside—even for just a few minutes.  

Get into self-care

Self-care is a term that’s thrown around a lot. While most people envision it as an indulgent trip to the spa, self-care can mean a lot of different things. Our good friend Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health says, “Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or time-consuming. Figure out what makes you feel at ease and then make sure you schedule time for it every week!” Try getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night, adding some weekly exercise to your routine, and don’t forget a warm bath and indulgent body lotion ritual. Just make sure your body care products are clean and free from chemicals. 
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