Absorption – the Key to Protein Powder Performance

Absorption – the Key to Protein Powder Performance
Protein supplements are not breaking news. There are literally thousands to choose from in today’s market - so why would we create a new one? Because something is missing from proteins supplements – and that something is superior absorption.

Sure, some formulas contain sprouted ingredients, or added enzymes to help the body break the supplement down for digestion. But we knew we could do something better! We turned to a time-honored, natural process that amplifies the amino acid profiles and nutritional components of protein sources – fermentation!

With our latest addition to the Genuine Health line, we started with grass fed dairy, a complete protein by nature with nutritional advantages due to the pasturing of the cows. But it is what we do with it that makes it exceptional, and highly absorbable. Fermentation takes super ingredients and makes them even more super.

The key, is the technique. Fermentation is a careful process utilizing live bacterial cultures that are integral to the quality of the finished product. Traditional techniques best harness the unique health benefits that fermentation offers and we use them in our fermented products, in conjunction with a carefully controlled and methodical process perfected over years. Our experts know when the nutritional “sweet spot” is achieved, and precisely when to halt the process for maximum nutritional value. Once dried, we ensure a stable finished product, devoid of any undesirable microorganisms and the nutritional benefits of yogurt that were held in captivity within the refrigerated dairy case…were made available in fermented Greek yogurt proteins+.

So… how do we know this makes a difference in the way your body absorbs the protein? First, fermented foods are well established to be better tolerated, with less digestive disturbances than unfermented counterparts. In fact, for this very reason the intake of fermented dairy products has more than doubled over the last several decades, as yogurt is incredibly well digested, tolerated and maintains high protein and calcium levels.*

Secondly, there is an actual measurement that goes beyond what you see on the label: sometimes amino acid profiles can look fabulous on paper…but does it always translate? The “gold standard” for protein quality is known as the protein efficiency ratio (PER) which represents the ability of a protein to actually promote growth, build and maintain a lean body. Impressively, the PER of fermented yogurt is 25% higher AFTER microbial fermentation vs. unfermented!**

The absorption benefits are two fold – with the protein powder’s bioavailability increased, and the body’s ability to absorb the food oils is increased because fermented foods nature gut health! The highly absorbed protein contributes to the integrity of the gut lining, as well as the bacteria diversity of our microbiome. As Tracy Beaulne, ND explains, the bacteria used to ferment dairy “do not need to be living in order to exert important effects on the ecology of the digestive tract. In fact, yogurt where the bacteria had been heat-inactivated was very capable of having a beneficial influence on the growth of other good bacteria just as surely as the yogurt with living bacteria. Our immune system can recognize the structural parts of beneficial bacteria and this can work to our advantage whether or not they are actually alive.”

Genuine Health has proudly led the charge in fermented supplements, and is thrilled to share our latest innovation. With so many options flooding the shelves in the protein supplement aisle – we’re here to make it easy for you: fermented protein = better absorbed protein, and with 25g of fermented protein from grass fed dairy, fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ has provided the most complete, absorbable protein yet.


* Silanikove N, et al. The Interrelationships between Lactose Intolerance and the Modern Dairy Industry: Global Perspectives in Evolutional and Historical Backgrounds. Nutrients. 2015 Aug 31;7(9):7312-31.

**Lee H, et al. Factors effecting the nutritional quality of yogurt. J Dairy Sci 1988;71:3203-3213.
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