Jenn Pike and Genuine Health have joined forces to bring this 4 week immersive online course to you! 

Through this course Jenn will take you through her full-body approach to creating a vital, healthy, and resilient body.  

Through her online classes, she will work to educate you, nourish your body and hormones, flood your system with nutrients, induce deep sleep, teach you which supplements to take, and inspire you to move your body daily and practice a ton of self care. 

If you’re ready to truly LEARN more about holistic health, mindset, nutrition, digestion, food sensitivities, your hormones, your cycle, skincare, how to simplify supplements and get the most out of your exercise, then this course was made for you! 

The Women's Health & Wellness Project Begins May 12th  

You will join Holistic Nutritionist Jenn Pike, for 4 weekly classes that you can watch at any time, so you can take this course at your own pace. The sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch anytime you want. 

Live Class Dates For This 4 Week Immersive Program 

May 12 @ 12pm EST 

May 19 @ 12pm EST 

May 16 @ 12pm EST 

June 2  @ 12pm EST 

The sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch anytime you want.  


Week 1 — Digestion – Gut Brain Connection     

 To get out of your rut you've got to start with your gut! 

 Healing Your Digestion is where true health begins  

 Fanning The Out-Of-Control Flames of Inflammation 

Week 2 — Mood/Mental Health   

 Learn why you have insatiable cravings and how to erase them.   

 How to stabilize your blood sugar through diet & lifestyle 

 Create your holistic living strategy and core desired feelings 

 The best supplements to support mental health 

 Stress reduction tips 

Week 3 — Adrenals & Thyroid   

 Discover how the Adrenal glands and your thyroid health are connected 

 Healing Adrenal Fatigue, High Cortisol, Anxiety and excessive stress 

 The thyroid tests you should be asking for, the symptoms you need to understand and why your hair is falling out, your constipated, have no sex drive and can’t lose weight 

Week 4 — Detox  

 The phases of detoxification + how to support your body through them 

 Which toxic products to ditch and avoid 

 The best foods to include to support detoxification 

 The best supplements to support detoxification   



Jenn Pike is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Medical Exercise Specialist. She specializes in women’s health and hormones and is the creator of the revolutionary women's health courses; The Hormone Project and Synced. 

Her programs are dedicated to teaching women what they should have known about their bodies all along; the incredible abilities, wisdom and power their bodies hold and how to bring them to life. 

As an inspired Wife and Mom of two, she understands that true wellbeing is a journey to be enjoyed not a struggle to be forced.     

Plus, a portion of proceeds will be donated to The Period Purse.The Period Purse strives to achieve menstrual equity, and to reduce the stigma surrounding periods through public education and advocacy.

For more information visit or follow them on Instagram @theperiodpurse

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