Are newer plant proteins, like quinoa and coconut, all they’re hyped up to be?

Are newer plant proteins, like quinoa and coconut, all they’re hyped up to be?

“There has been a lot of buzz about newer plant proteins, namely quinoa and coconut – are these all they are hyped up to be?”  

There are certainly a lot of plant-based proteins entering the marketplace and you now have more choice than ever when selecting a plant-based protein!

We LOVE coconut and it is an ingredient we use in several of our fermented bars. Coconut is a favorite of many: it tastes amazing and is an awesome source of healthy fats! That said, coconut is not the best plant source for a protein powder. In actuality, coconut is mostly fat and only contains around 3% protein. (Other plant-based protein sources have higher levels of protein – hemp seeds are around 24% and spirulina is a whopping 54%! Even plain brown rice comes in at 8%.)

Some companies may try to leverage coconut’s popularity to push their protein product, however, their formulations rely heavily on other plant-proteins to build up their protein gram-count.  Give the label a read and ask some questions J

As for quinoa – it is another superfood that we LOVE, and is one of 7 awesome plant-protein sources in our fermented vegan proteins+. The keyword here is fermented, because when it is unfermented, it is likely to causing bloating..ugh!  Our fermented vegan proteins+ formula is made of 100% fully fermented plant-protein sources. Our quinoa is fermented with artisanal techniques as to not cause bloating – which as we said is notorious with unfermented quinoa protein. By using only fermented quinoa in fermented vegan proteins+, quinoa’s amino acids are at their most potent so it is a digestible, absorbable protein source!

In short, don’t be fooled by trendy plant proteins – look for quality above all else. Be sure that you get vegan protein supplements that combine a variety of plant sources, and are fermented so you actually reap the nutritional benefit they have to offer.
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