Does heat during the blister-packing process harm probiotics?

Does heat during the blister-packing process harm probiotics?

I’ve heard that heat can damage probiotics. Does the blistering process harm probiotics?

Great question! We’re really proud of advanced gut health probiotic. We designed our entire manufacturing process around one goal: to deliver the most potent probiotics to our consumers. From the strains that we select, to the delivery system, and then to the packaging, you can be sure that we’ve carefully considered each step.

Yes it is true that heat can damage probiotics, and actually so can humidity, so let’s start there.  Instead of packaging our probiotics in a bottle, which would expose them to humidity each time it’s opened, we thoughtfully chose blister packs. Blister packs are an excellent way to keep moisture and humidity away from probiotic capsules. But in order to ensure that the capsules aren’t damaged, the blistering process must be done carefully. Here’s what we do:

Step 1: Cavities for the capsules

We use heat to create the cavities that the capsules will eventually be placed in, but we allow the cavities to cool to room temperature before adding the capsules.

Step 2: Aluminum seal

Once the capsules are nestled into the cavities, we seal them in with aluminum. During this process, we ensure that the temperature never rises above 30 degrees Celsius. Plus, with blistering occurring at the rate of 200 cards/minute, any thermal transfer is not possible.

Step 3: Quality analysis

Finally, we conduct our quality analysis after the capsules have been put in the blister packaging. For example, our advanced gut health 15 Billion is tested after the blistering process – and has no less than 45 Billion active cells at the time of manufacture.


Therefore, we’re totally confident that advanced gut health probiotic delivers the CFU that we promise – because we’ve taken the appropriate steps during manufacture, and because we’ve tested the final product AFTER it’s been packaged.
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