The Refuelling Principle

The Refuelling Principle

Improvement equals stress plus adaptation

Contrary to popular belief, the secret to maximizing productivity and performance isn’t about working more or working harder. It’s about optimal fuelling, routine and recovery. Pushing your body and mind to the limit allows it to expand, but to sustain and build upon these gains without burning out, your body needs time to adapt, and the fuel to do so. Here are some tips to maximize your productivity, without burning out.

Fuelling Patterns

Start your day with a boost! Fuel up and break your fast with a nutrient-dense, phytochemical powerhouse with adequate protein. If you’re not putting quality fuel in the tank, how do you expect to make it through the day at your best? My current routine is a scoop each of Genuine Health’s Fermented Vegan Proteins (Chocolate) powder with Greens+ Extra Energy (Cappuccino), shaken up in coconut milk. Sustained energy, mental focus and clarity without the jitters. Put that coffee and doughnut down, seriously.

Daily Templates

As much as possible, and within reason, try to wake up, eat, exercise, work and go to sleep at approximately the same time each day. Your body thrives on routine, and develops (circadian) cycles based on your daily habits. Train your body to know what demands to expect at particular times of day, and it will reward you by mobilizing the appropriate nutrients, and producing the appropriate hormones and neurotransmitters to optimize your productivity and performance. But hey, don’t stress about it either - overthinking and worrying about each minute of your life is counter- productive - Just have a daily template.

Recovery Routines

Proper rest and deep sleep facilitate the release of growth hormone (GH), whose major function is the repair and regeneration of tissues. The adequate and appropriate release of GH also allows for your body to adapt to the stresses you have challenged your body with on a daily basis. Ensure 6-8 quality hours of sleep per night, and make time for 2 short 15-min breaks throughout the day, to disengage from your work and refresh. Ideally, get outside, get some fresh oxygen already.
Dr. Jason Marr BScH, ND
Dr. Jason Marr BScH, ND

Dr. Jason Marr is a Naturopathic Doctor in downtown Vancouver, BC. He arms urban professionals with evidence- based, integrative, real-world tools to maximize productivity, creativity and learning agility while overcoming fatigue, stress, anxiety and burnout.

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