Enteric-Coated vs. Delayed-Release Capsules

Enteric-Coated vs. Delayed-Release Capsules
From boosting our immunity, to increasing absorption of minerals, to making vitamins and essential fatty acids – the bacteria found in probiotics can benefit our health in so many ways.

That’s why shelves in health food stores and grocery stores alike are lined with probiotic products that can help to repopulate your gut with new bacteria friends.

But here lies the problem: the bacteria has to make it to your gut alive in order to provide a benefit. Your probiotic could be jam-packed with a high CFU of bacteria, but if it’s in the wrong kind of capsule, you could be throwing your money away, or putting dangerous plastic ingredients into your body.

  • Regular capsules disintegrate in stomach acid, so they’re not effective for probiotic products. Stomach acid is around the same acidity as battery acid, and can rip apart even the best intentioned of capsules, destroying the probiotic bacteria contained within them.

  • Enteric-coated capsules are often regarded as the be all and end all of capsules, but enteric-coated capsules can contain unhealthy plasticizers and phthalates. Ugh.

So what is the ideal mechanism to deliver the bacteria strains to your gut?

Genuine Health believes that a probiotic must accomplish two things:

  • It must be filled with hearty and healthy bacteria

  • The bacteria must get to where they need to go

Our ultimate goal when we were formulating advanced gut health probiotic was to get more live bacteria to your gut! (Up to 10x, in fact.) Using the newest innovations. Without plastic or phthalates, thank you very much.

Every detail of advanced gut health probiotic’s formula and delivery process has been taken care of. Starting with the 15 strains that we put in our caps, which have been triple-cleaned so they’re stronger and more tenacious. The bacteria are crafted in a balance of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria that mimics the balance found in the human gut. And then the bacteria are placed in the ultimate protective delivery mechanism – a veggie delayed-release capsule that acts like an armored car. Destination: the gut!

Here’s a closer look at the journey that advanced gut health probiotics take to get to your gut, and what the bacteria do once they get there:

When you swallow a capsule of advanced gut health probiotic, rest assured that it will get to where it needs to go. We use a vegan, plastic-free delayed-release capsule that is acid and bile resistant to carefully deliver your new bacteria friends to your gut. A human clinical study found that our delayed-release capsule reaches the gut 45 minutes later than standard capsules. Yippee!

Did we mention that this is based on a HUMAN study? So when others tell you that delayed-release caps disintegrate in a test tube, don’t worry because we have a HUMAN CLINICAL STUDY saying that this is wrong.

Anyhoo, back to the journey of the capsule. Once the capsule reaches your gut, it begins to dissolve, and the bacteria is released. The humidity in your small intestine awakens the strains, and, thanks to a fermented prebiotic in the capsule, the strains have a snack as soon as they wake up.

Once awoken and fed, the strains get to work. The balance of 15 strains of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria contained in advanced gut health probiotic mimics healthy human gut flora, so they fit right in. Resident strains of bacteria adhere to your gut lining and strengthen your gut wall. Transient strains begin to follow your regular digestive process and strengthen your immune system. Your gut is getting “lit,” as the kids say.

The nutrition that you derive from the food that you eat improves, too. The bacteria strains increase absorption of dietary minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and manganese, and Bifidobacteria make Vitamin K, B Vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids (like butyrate, which nourishes your digestive cells), and convert phytonutrients into better-absorbed structures called metabolites.

All of these benefits come from a potent, multi-strain probiotic housed in a vegan, delayed-release capsule. It’s what’s inside (the strains) – but it’s also what’s outside (the delivery mechanism) – that counts.
Genuine Health

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